The Project

Arrow Traders recently completed a project at Westmead Hospital. Our team needed to protect their doors from damage. Therefore, we decided to install Acrovyn sheets. These are protective sheets, that are applied to surfaces including: walls, doors and railings. They are useful in workplaces such as hospitals, aged care and schools. We completed the task quickly, to reduce disruptions.

Doors before Acrovyn InstallationDoors After Acrovyn Installation

What is Acrovyn?

Acrovyn is a protective sheet placed over areas, to prevent damage. It is suitable for doors, walls and corners. The sheets are strong, to protect the surface. They are easily cleaned, to stop liquids from staining the surface. As a result, the sheets reduce maintenance and repair costs. They are particularly useful in retail, educational and healthcare areas. Therefore, we knew that it would be an effective solution for Westmead Hospital.

Acrovyn sheets come in a range of colours and finishes. Therefore, you can be reassured that you will find a finish that matches your workplace area. There is a large colour chart, which we used to select the appropriate finish for Westmead. Based on the surrounding colours, we chose red sheets and grey kickplates.

Installation of Acrovyn

Our team cleaned the surface, to prepare it. As a result, we guaranteed that the area was clear from dust.

We used the door measurements to measure Acrovyn sheets and kickplates. Our team attached the sheets using the Acrovyn Adhesive. We also rolled the sheets on the wall. As a result, there was no bubbles.

Kickplates were added to the surface for extra protection. Therefore, this provided protection from individuals and objects such as hospital beds, linen and catering trolleys.

Additionally, Acrovyn can be applied to railings and corners as protectors. As a result, it prevents damage from trolleys and other equipment. Therefore, healthcare facilities including; hospitals and aged care would benefit.

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