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What Are Convex Mirrors?

Convex Mirrors are used to eliminate blind spots. As a result, they increase the awareness of the surrounding public. They are curved mirrors with a raised reflective surface. Therefore, images in the mirror look smaller than they are. They become bigger as the object approaches the mirror. As a result, our convex Mirrors are in workplace environments to enhance safety and reduce damage.

Convex Mirror Features

You can be reassured that our line of mirrors will withstand the test of time. Both our indoor and outdoor mirrors have a zinc-plated wall and aluminium circle.

Outdoor Convex Mirrors

Our Outdoor Mirrors are useful in carparks, laneways, building entry points and yards. They are perfect for any situation as they have a highly visible orange visor. As a result, they increase awareness during the day and night. Therefore, they are particularly helpful in shopping centre carparks because it can be hard to see oncoming traffic around corners.

Indoor Convex Mirrors

Our Indoor Mirrors are perfect for shopping centres, offices, and warehouses. As a result, they increase the visibility within the area. Therefore, enhancing the security of the premise. Arrow Work and Safety Gear stocks indoor mirrors that are anti-ageing and UV resistant. As a result, although they are suitable for indoor uses, they can also be used outdoors.

Installation of Convex Mirrors

Our range of Convex Mirrors can be mounted to either a wall or pole. To attach the mirror to a wall, we first secure the right angle mirror brackets to the mirror. Therefore, we screw in or bolt the wall mount bracket to the surface. The right angle mirror brackets are attached to the wall mount bracket and tightened.

Attaching a mirror to a pole follows a slightly different process. The right angle brackets are first mounted to the back of the mirror. As a result, we clamp the pole mount to the pole and attach the mirror to the pole mount bracket.

Arrow Traders’ Service

Please check out our store for all your Convex Mirror needs. We are also glad to provide a quote if you would like our team to install these on your premise.

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