Tactiles and Tactile Mats are indicators that improve the safety in heavy traffic areas. As a result, tactiles reduce hazards.

How Do They Work?

Pedestrians feel the raised surface under their feet. Therefore, they are more aware of dangerous hazards. As a result, tactiles are useful for the visually impaired. Therefore, they reduce hazards.

Tactiles and tactile mats come in many highly visible colours. Therefore, pedestrians notice them.

Our mats have been made with durable rubber. Therefore, they minimise slipping and potential accidents. As a result they keep pedestrians safe for years.

Where Can They Be Used?

Tactiles are useful near kerb ramps, pedestrian crossings and stairways.

They are often used near the edge of train stations or bus stops. As a result, they create a safer environment. Therefore,  pedestrians are less likely to be struck by a moving vehicle.

Installation Process

Installation for individual tactiles and mats is different. Mats are perfect for smooth surfaces. First, peel off the backing. Then stick the mat to the surface.

There is various processes for individual tactiles. The process depends on the tactile features and surface material.

Our team has completed many tactile projects. Therefore, feel free to contact our experienced team.

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