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At Arrow Work and Safety Gear, we stock both rubber and plastic Speed Humps that can be used in all environments and situations. Speed Humps can assist in slowing down traffic and reducing traffic pileups. They work by lowering traffic speed to 10 to 15kms per hour. Vehicles including; forklifts, trucks, buses and cars are able to pass over the Speed Humps and ensure they maintain the appropriate speed limit.

Product Features

Our Rubber Speed Humps are constructed from LLDPE rubber to ensure vehicles do not slip. Our Plastic Speed Humps on the other hand, are made from LLDPE plastic. The Plastic and Rubber Speed Humps have a chequered plate design to reduce the risk of vehicles slipping. Therefore, the humps provide safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Both our Rubber and Plastic Speed Humps create a gentle rocking sensation for cars that pass over. As a result, they maintain low speed levels.

Our Rubber and Plastic Humps both come in black and yellow to ensure a high level of visibility. This allows them to be installed outdoors and indoors, in areas with low lighting such as underground car parks.

Where Can Speed Humps Be Used

We have ensured that we stock both rubber and plastic humps, to allow for installation in most heavy and light traffic environments. Areas such as shopping centre car parks, school zones, residential areas and public transport stations can have humps installed. Therefore, regardless of the level of traffic and speeds, they can help keep drivers and pedestrians safe and protected.

Our rubber humps are ideal for controlling traffic in low volume areas. Therefore, areas such as residential areas and laneways would benefit from these humps. As a result, they can prevent vehicle damage and enhance safety for pedestrians.

The plastic speed humps we stock are more useful for high traffic environments. They would be more useful in maintaining and guiding traffic in car parks, airports, schools and public transport stations.

Installation of Speed Humps

Concrete Surface

At Arrow Work and Safety Gear, we don’t just stock this product. Upon your request, we can also ask our team of trained professionals to install them on your premise. If the premise is concrete we will use sleeved anchor bolts. To install a speed hump, we first mark out pre-sunk bolt holes and then drill into those markings slightly. Our team will then place the hump back over the holes and insert the sleeved anchor bolts to secure the hump.

Asphalt Surface

If your surface is asphalt we follow the same process. However, instead of using sleeved anchor bolts, we will hammer road spikes into the pre-sunk holes. We want our products to be long-lasting. Therefore we often butter the spikes with epoxy, to protect the asphalt surface.

Please click here to purchase your own or to inquire about our installation services. With our stock of both plastic and rubber humps, we can guarantee that we have the right product for your premise.

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