One of our Team Members Completing Line Marking for the Pedestrian Crossing

We recently completed a line marking job to refurbish Castle Towers’ car park pedestrian crossings. Whilst working, we used modern tools for straight lines, measurements. Additionally, we cleaned the area and surface fully before commencing.

Keeping safety in mind, we plan and make safe the entire work area is secured. Therefore, our team uses bollards and barricade tape, for the safety of everyone involved. We even prepare the surfaces by repairing small holes or broken surfaces.

We provide a specialised and high end service by using branded/compliant paints and materials for painting tasks. Therefore, for any painting or line marking tasks, please contact us for a quote. Our team of specialised tradespeople will be glad to help you with your job. As a result, we will complete any job to a high and professional standard.

Using Paint Roller for Line Marking
Our Team Working on Line Marking for Pedestrian Crossing

Our Team Members Measuring and Putting Down Tapes for Quality Work

One of our Team Members Painting the Pedestrian Crossing

Painting for Pedestrian Crossing
Our Team Working on Line Marking

Our Team Member Measuring and Planning the Job

Clean and Completed Pedestrian Crossing by Arrow Traders

Arrow Traders provide a clean and quality finished product. As a result, check out the final result of our line marking job here.

Completed Line Marking Job

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