Rumble bars are surface mounted units that provide a visual warning to alert motorists of hazardous conditions ahead. They are designed and built to control traffic and increase the safety of the surrounding areas. As a speed moderator, they are manufactured to be very durable and they come in safety yellow so that they are highly visible. They are suitable for centre line, median, line marking, edge marking and line marking traffic islands in order to prevent damage from minor accidents. Our rumble bars have a glass Beading reflector available and can be installed both indoors and outdoors by being easily glued or screwed.

Corner protectors are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures. Being made of high impact resistance tough rubber and PVC along with the black and yellow reflective stripes, these corner protectors are highly visible and durable which reduces the risk of accidents and potential damage. The heavy-duty material absorbs and deflects high impact which protects vehicles from paint damage and dents. As well as protecting vehicles from damage in tight car spaces, corner protectors can also be used on machinery to cover sharp corners. Our corner protectors are made to the best quality and can be professionally installed to increase the safety in your surrounding area.

Dock bumpers are designed to prevent impact damage to loading dock walls and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. By being installed on the dock wall, it absorbs the impact of a truck or other vehicle hitting the wall. It allows the vehicle to safely reverse into the parking spot without causing damage to the property or vehicle. With pre drilled mounting holes, we are able to install the dock bumpers by mounting them with anchor bolts. We are able to professionally install our dock bumpers in order to safely secure them to the wall and ensure maximum safety to the surrounding area.

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