Safety signs are a type of sign used to keep individuals safe from any kind of harm in the surrounding area. They must be installed as soon as a real or potential threat is identified in order to keep people safe in the workplace by raising awareness and promoting the hazardous situations of activities, in order to prevent any kind of injury.

Arrow Work and Safety Sydney, NSW can supply a range of Safety Signs whether it is for your car parks, mall areas, loading docks, rest rooms, or other parts of your business premises. They can serve a range of purposes from the marking of exit routes and directions in car parks, to the required use of personal protective equipment and warn of hazards in workplaces. Safety signs provide warning information through the use of colour, shape and symbols in order to clearly display the hazard or danger. Text can also be used for further or specific clarification on the situation.

Arrow Work and Safety Gear Sydney, NSW can also custom make signs to suit your individual needs and requirements. We can personalise signs with your logo or mission statements etc. Our safety signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials and you have the choice to make the sign reflective, and increase the life of your signs by up to 3 years with a UV and weatherproof protective over laminate.

Arrow Work and Safety Gear can provide a wide range of safety signs suited for multiple situations with the added features of various customisations to further suit your required needs. We can supply safety signs at the highest quality and the most affordable price in and around Sydney, NSW.

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