Tactile paving assists pedestrians who are visually impaired to safely move around built environments through a system of textured ground surface indicators that provide sensory information. Warning indicators are installed in hazardous locations such as the top of stairs and pedestrian crossings, in order to provide advance warning of oncoming hazards. Directional indicators are installed on the ground in the continuous accessible path of travel to give warning and provide directional information. Our tactile mats can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are suitable for a range of surfaces.

Our yellow tactile mats are suitable even for people low vision as it heavily contrasts their surroundings and makes is clearer for them to see. Our tactile mats also come in black if that is preferred and they are made from high quality rubber, which prevents slipping and reduces the risk of an accident. They are also UV stabilised which increases the durability of the product and ensures protection from the long-term degradation from UV light. Through the absorption and screening out UV radiation, it protects the tactile mats from damage and demonstrates the high quality products we supply.

Arrow Work and Safety Gear provide high quality tactile mats which will significantly increase the safety levels of the surrounding area by assisting the visually impaired in their travels. We also provide bulk discount rates for each individual tactile mat when you purchase a certain amount. Our tactile mats are easy to install, but we can provide professional instalment of the mats and provide our services at the highest quality and the most suitable price points.

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