Wheel stops are an essential component to car parks to maintain high levels of safety.

They provide a range of functions which include the prevention of vehicles moving onto a kerb or footpath to protect pedestrians, the protection of property such as walls and buildings, and the protection of other individual’s property such as other vehicles. By creating a boundary between objects, this prevents damage to obstacles and also protects pedestrians walking in car parks.

Wheel stops can be installed both outdoors and indoors and are the preferred choice of car park operators, retail parks, airports, commercial and industrial sites throughout Australia.

Our highly durable rubber wheel stops are suitable for any vehicle and environment, and are the first call for Shopping centres, warehouses and distribution sectors. Our wheel stops have already been installed in many shopping centres around Australia.

Due to our large stocks of Wheel Stops we are able to provide our products and services for any job and location. With fast delivery to the site at unbeatable prices, we strive for effectiveness and efficiency in the products and services we provide. We are also able to provide the right fixings/bolts for the installation of the wheel stops.

Our wheel stops are made from high quality rubber, which ensures durability due to the superior construction of the product, resulting in the inability to warp, crack, chip or rot. With features such as UV resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance and weather resistance, you can guarantee the highest quality products at the most affordable price points. Our wheel stops have yellow reflectors on both sides which increases the visibility of the product.

Arrow Work and Safety Gear can provide wheel stops at the highest quality with professional installation in and around Sydney, NSW.

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