Arrow Traders just completed another project at Westmead. We were asked to install signage for their CCTV cameras. Westmead Hospital required signs in their new building and the Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research (ICPMR) building.

CCTV Signage Installation

Before installing the signage for Westmead, our team also ensured the surface was properly prepared. We made sure that the surface was clean and ready for signage installation. Our team removed any debris and made sure the surface was smooth. As a result, the walls were ready for our team of professionals to install the signage.

Westmead Hospital needed signage that informed staff and patients that CCTV was in use. The text that they wanted on the sign was not standard. Therefore, we were able to create customised signage for their specific need. We installed both metal and polycarbonate signs in the new Westmead building and the ICPMR building. Our team used liquid nails and double-sided tape to ensure the signs were correctly installed.

Polycarbonate & Metal Signs

Arrow Traders decided to use polycarbonate and metal signs because of their suitable benefits.

Polycarbonate Signs

Polycarbonate signs are resistant to stains, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and various temperatures. We thought these features would be beneficial in a workplace such as a hospital. Polycarbonate signs have an expected lifespan of five years. Therefore, they are durable, under various circumstances.

Metal Signs

Similarly, metal signs are durable, given the nature of the material. Although the sign is very thin and lightweight, it is strong enough to withstand damage. Westmead needed customised signs, with customised print. Therefore, we decided to use metal as it is quite easy to customise metal in this way.

Our Customised Signs

If you, like Westmead, need customised signage, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can customise our signs to include your logo, mission statement or other elements. Our team can also customise text, sizes, and materials. Additionally, we can customise the materials to make them reflective, UV resistant and weather-proof.

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