The Arrow Traders’ team recently completed a project efficiently for Westfield Burwood Shopping Centre. We were asked to install Outdoor Convex Mirrors at Westfield Burwood Shopping Centre’s Loading Dock. Our team was able to quickly install an Outdoor Convex Mirror at the Dock 2 Entrance.

What We Did

Our team had to install an Outdoor Convex Mirror to a wall surface. First, they secured the right angle bracket to the back of the convex mirror. The arc slot had to be facing downwards.

The wall mount bracket was then attached to the wall, with bolts. When the wall mount bracket was tightened and secured, the clamp was attached to the wall mount bracket.

Finally, our team attached the mirror to the clamp bracket, with the right angle brackets. Before tightening the bolts, they ensured that the angle of the mirror was correct.

The Purpose of Convex Mirrors

Convex Mirrors are a perfect solution when it is difficult to observe oncoming traffic. They hep increase the area of visibility. Therefore, they reduce blind spots.

Our Outdoor Convex Mirrors include a high visibility orange visor. As a result, they are useful in areas such as loading docks. They ensure the convex mirror is visible during the day and night. Therefore, they are perfect for loading docks, where drivers enter at all hours.

Arrow Traders’ Product & Service

At Arrow Safety, we stock both Indoor and Outdoor Convex Mirrors. We want to ensure that our clients are safe always. Therefore, we stock these Convex Mirrors to increase driver awareness and reduce the potential collisions. Our team can be contacted if you would like to purchase and have these mirrors installed professionally, on your premise. Please feel free to contact us for your Convex Mirrors.

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