Convex Mirrors – Road Safety

Convex Mirror, also known as a Diverging Mirror is a curved mirror with a reflective surface that is raised towards the light source.

Is there anything more unnerving than the thought of emerging onto a road when you can’t see what’s coming? In some cases, particularly in shopping centre car parks, it can be difficult to see and monitor oncoming traffic. This is usually due to curved corners that make it difficult to see beyond the entrance and exit of the car park. Therefore, our range of Safety Mirrors in Sydney is highly effective and can minimise potential accidents. Our mirrors can be useful with many environments including; work environments, shopping centres, warehouse, yards, and offices.

How They Work

Convex Mirrors are curved mirrors that make images appear smaller than they actually are. As the object gets closer to the mirror, it becomes larger. As a result, this reduces blind spots and allows you to see a wider view of the space. It is used in the work environment to increase security.

In shopping centres, it increases safety by having a wider shot of the space for security purposes. In car parks, it minimises the risk of an accident as you are able to see more of your surroundings.

Convex Mirrors Features

There are 2 types of convex mirrors; for outdoor use or indoor use. Additionally, they also come with different fixings that are available to purchase.

Both mirror types have an aluminium edge which ensures good sealing and that the lens is well fixed. The Indoor Convex Mirror comes with a zinc-plated wall and pole installing bracket. The Outdoor Convex Mirror comes with pole and wall mounted fittings. Additionally, our Indoor Convex Mirror can also be used for minimal outdoor use because it is anti-UV and anti-aging.

Therefore, our mirror’s polycarbonates are highly effective in increasing the security and safety in both indoor and outdoor working environments.

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