Over the Christmas break, our Arrow Traders team was working to satisfy our customers. The team worked in Westfield Penrith to makeover their fire stairwells. They were able to complete this task quickly over the break.

What We Did

First, we painted the walls in the stairwell.

Allowing time for the walls to dry, Arrow Traders then painted the handrails. We used a colour that would complement the paint for the stairs and rejuvenate the stairwells.

Once we allowed time for it to dry, our team then painted over the floor and stairs. We made sure that we cleaned the surfaces. Therefore, the stairs would be free from debris and have a smooth surface.

Stairs Before PaintStairs After Paint

Purpose of Anti Slip Tape

Finally, once the painting job was done, we added anti slip tape to the stairs. These stairs were fire escape stairs and would often have people rushing down them. Therefore, we wanted to increase the safety as much as possible. Anti-slip tape was applied to the edge of each step.

The anti-slip tape we supplied and installed was highly durable and had a long-lasting adhesive. It complied with AS/NZS 4586:2004.

This tape can prevent people from falling over or slipping on the stairwell. The tape we supplied had maximum grip, which could protect the public in heavy traffic and harsh conditions because of liquid spills.

To install the tape, you simple measure and cut the tape to size. Once the tape is ready, you peel off the back and stick it to the surface.

Contact Us

Arrow Traders’ aim is to improve the safety of our clients’ workplaces. By installing the anti-slip tape, we were able to achieve this for one client. If you have noticed hazards or would like our team to complete a similar task for you, please contact us. One of our team members would be happy to discuss with you and provide a quote.



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