Our team aims to help our clients keep a safe premise. We have a team of trained professionals available to respond to many situations. The team recently completed a project at Campbelltown Mall. We were called out to seal an oil drum. Therefore, we installed bunding to ensure oil would not leak out of the drum.

What Is Bunding

Bunding is a wall used to make sure liquids are not released from a storage container. It is a retaining wall used to prevent oil from spilling out of the drum and creating a potential hazard.

What We Did

Arrow Traders makes sure we complete all our jobs in a safe manner. As a result, we ensure our staff is safe as well as the surrounding public. To start off, we made sure the surrounding area was barricaded and closed off from the public.

When we efficiently barricaded off the area, our team started to pressure wash the area. Therefore, they were able to make sure the area was clean and dry before proceeding. As a result, we then began installing the bunding. Our team installed the bunding around the oil drum and sealed it. We constructed a bunding wall using Besser blocks. As a result, we ensured oil would not leak out of the drum and create a potential hazard.

Before completing the project, we ensured the area was clean. Therefore, we disposed of all the rubbish from the site.

Contact Us Now

Feel free to contact our team, just as our client did, if you identify a potential hazard. Our team would be happy to come out to your site and assess the job before providing a free quote. With our team of knowledgeable professionals, we guarantee we can find a solution!

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