At Arrow Traders we not only supply and install our work and safety equipment. We can also have our team install other equipment for your workplace. Westfield Penrith needed new lighting installed on their top level, in front of Big W. Arrow Traders was able to supply and install this lighting for our client in a quick and timely manner.

Bringing Light to Westfield Penrith

Our team was needed to supply and install six floodlights in front of the Big W store. We selected the STARPAD SE7071TC – 15/100W. This floodlight is the perfect option for both commercial and residential areas. Our team decided to go with a durable white powder coated finish, to match the interior of the shopping centre level.

This floodlight was perfect for the project because it had a die-cast aluminium body. Therefore, it was corrosion resistant and maintained high dimensional stability with thin walls. In combination with the textured tempered glass front cover, this light would be able to withstand the operation temperatures. This would be quite high as the lighting would be on for most of the day. As a result, we needed to ensure the lighting would not be damaged because of high temperatures.

The selected light also had a high performance aluminium reflector and a nickel plated copper cable gland. It also has high efficiency SMD LED chips, which have a higher intensity than regular LED lights. They also have a higher output with less power used. Therefore, these lights would be ideal for a shopping centre that needs lighting most of the time.

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