we tackled the much-needed project of implementing safety installations within the Loading Dock at Castle Towers Shopping centre. The project took 7 days to get completed. Upon request, the challenges and processes we faced included

  • Safety assessment
  • Design Brief
  • Sourcing of Materials & Services
  • Supplying the Materials and Services
  • Constant management of the project
  • Safety assessment upon completion
  • Extra precautions

As shown in the before and after photos the previous loading dock was leading to a very dangerous hazard so it was our responsibility to get this project completed as quick as possible whilst keeping quality and safety as our top most priorities. Upon assessing the current situation, we came to the executive decision that the loading dock needed Dock-Guardian LD Safety Barriers installed to be deemed as safe as possible.

These barriers have been a huge asset to many loading docks and are one of our highest requests at Arrow Work and Safety.
The features included are:

  • Prevention of accidents
  • Designed for impact
  • Flexibility

You can read more about the barrier features on our product page.

After installing the barriers, we decided to take it one step further and implement additional safety procedures. These included:

  • Installation of Railings
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Highlighting Trip Hazzards
  • Assessing and adjusting stairs and ramps to meet National Government safety standards

We had a great time working on this project for Castle Towers and we hope to work on many more whilst educating commercial and service institutions on the importance of safety in every inch of their business.


Arrow Work and Safety Founder and CEO