Metal Bollards for Security Purposes

Metal Bollards are perfect for site security. They offer protection from drivers who lose control of vehicles. As a result, drivers collide with buildings. Therefore, sites are seriously damaged.

Metal Bollards to Prevent Ram Raiding

Collisions can be accidental or intentional. Ram raiders purposely crash into a building. Therefore, they intend to steal valuables. A heavy vehicle is driven into a window or door. Therefore, we recommend our selection of metal bollards to protect sites.

Metal Bollards to Prevent Accidents

Many businesses use bollards to stop accidents and ram raiding. They install them at the perimeter of their premise. As a result, they protect their buildings.

Therefore, vehicular collisions cause minimal impact. The high-strength steel bollard reduces damage.

What is a Metal Bollard Cover?

Bollard covers protect your facility’s perimeter. These bollards are an effective alternative to painting. As a result, businesses save time, expenses and messiness. Therefore, they reduce maintenance costs.

What is a Safety Bollard?

A steel pipe safety bollard can be used indoors & outdoors. As a result, they protect work areas, racking, and individuals. Additionally, the moulded plastic caps are removable.

Head to our website to see our range of bollards for all purposes. Our variety ensures you will find the right one for your premise. If you have any questions about your needs, please feel free to contact our team. Our team of experts will be happy to assist you select the right bollard. We also offer an installation service. Arrow Traders is highly skilled to install our bollards on your site. You can be reassured that your premise will be protected from damage.

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