Our team at Arrow Traders has recently completed an installation project at Westfield Parramatta.  We had to install a bumper bracket around a pipe, behind the Centre Management Office. As a result, the pipe would be protected from damage over time.

What Is A Pipe Guard?

A pipe guard helps to extend the durability of a pipe. It can absorb damage and shock. Therefore, the pipe guard can protect the pipe from any damage.

Pipe guards are specifically designed to protect pipes that are connected to columns or walls. As a result, they are useful for reducing damage from vehicles, forklifts, and other moving traffic.

These pipe brackets are perfect for protecting electrical, drain, water and other pipes.

Installation of Pipe Guard

Pipe guards are installed around existing pipes. These pipes are usually in high traffic areas. Therefore, they need to be protected.

Our team installed one pipe guard around a pipe in Westfield Parramatta’s level 2 car park. We were responsible for manufacturing, supplying, and installing the bumper bracket. The pipe guard was to protect a water pipe around the fire hydrant.

First our team had to take measurements to ensure the pipe guard would fit around the pipe and would be positioned correctly. Once they determined the correct placement, the pipe guard was secured around the pipe. Therefore, we ensured that the pipe would not be damaged by moving vehicles or other impacts.

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