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Line Marking at Warriewood Square

Arrow Traders works with a range of professional trades teams to deliver high quality service to our clients. We recently worked with one of our professional teams to complete a line marking job for one of our clients. We completed this job after hours to ensure minimal disruption to staff and customers. Our team completed line marking work in three different areas of the shopping centre. We completed this project for our client efficiently with minimal disruption to their business. Directional Arrows We laid down painters tape as an outline for the directional arrows. When our team

Arrow Traders Responds to Urgent Call to Set Up the Latest NSW Vaccination Hub

With most of NSW now in lockdown, we are all hearing about the vaccination goals. Therefore, NSW Health has established a new vaccination hub at Qudos Bank Arena. As a result, they aim to get our Year 12 students vaccinated. Arrow Traders completed an urgent job to help with this project. Therefore, our team efficiently installed flooring and helped acquire Standalone Kiosks. Installation of New Flooring The Arrow Traders team worked hard over the past weekend, to ensure the project was completed in time. We supplied and installed new flooring, for

Installation of Bunding around Oil Drum

Our team aims to help our clients keep a safe premise. We have a team of trained professionals available to respond to many situations. The team recently completed a project at Campbelltown Mall. We were called out to seal an oil drum. Therefore, we installed bunding to ensure oil would not leak out of the drum. What Is Bunding Bunding is a wall used to make sure liquids are not released from a storage container. It is a retaining wall used to prevent oil from spilling out of the drum and creating a potential hazard.

All About Our Tactiles & Tactile Mats

Tactiles and Tactile Mats are indicators that improve the safety in heavy traffic areas. As a result, tactiles reduce hazards. How Do They Work? Pedestrians feel the raised surface under their feet. Therefore, they are more aware of dangerous hazards. As a result, tactiles are useful for the visually impaired. Therefore, they reduce hazards. Tactiles and tactile mats come in many highly visible colours. Therefore, pedestrians notice them. Our mats have been made with durable rubber. Therefore, they minimise slipping and potential accidents. As a result they keep pedestrians safe for years.

Line Marking at Bankstown

Our Trades Skills Arrow Traders has a team of trained professionals who hold a range of trades skills. One of these skills includes line marking. Our team completed a line marking project at Bankstown Shopping Centre, the other night. How We Did It Our team had to retouch previous line marking. Therefore, they had a guide as to where the painting would be laid down. First, they laid down painters tape. As a result, we ensured the paint would be neat and precise. The painters tape provided an outline and a guide for the pedestrian crossing bars.

Penrith Play Area

The Arrow Traders team was recently called out to a project in Penrith. We needed to carry out repairs to one of their play areas. Therefore, to make sure the play area was suitable, we supplied and installed a number of items. What We Did Play areas need to be maintained regularly to make sure that children are safe. Due to the nature of the structure, these areas are subject to damage. We first had to supply and install six new steps. Our team made sure these were correctly installed. As a result, we could guarantee that

Tactile Installation at Top Ryde

The Project This tactile installation project required our team to supply and install missing tactiles in the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. We completed this job after hours to make sure we reduced the disruption to customers. Before we could install new tactiles, our team had to remove the original tactiles. Therefore, we had to first drill holes. As a result, we could then remove the broken stems. Once we got rid of the original tactiles, we began installing the new stainless steel tactiles. How to Install Tactile Indicators First, we had to ensure

Sign Post Repair at Westfield Parramatta

The Project The Arrow Traders team includes several highly skilled tradesmen. Our team is trained to conduct many maintenance tasks. These tasks include repairs to damaged premises and properties. Our team just recently completed a repair task at Westfield Parramatta. They had to reinstall a knocked down sign pole. Therefore, they used a welding set and generator to secure the pole once again. We supplied our own welding set and generator and were able to quickly complete the job. As a result, we aimed to minimise our disruption to the public. Our Maintenance & Repairs

Hurstville Maintenance Run

Our Arrow Traders team is responsible for weekly maintenance runs at Hurstville. Our trained team of professionals have the skillset to complete a range of tasks. We look to find the best solution to issues raised by the management team. Fire Door Lock One of the fire doors was not locking properly. Therefore, our trained staff repaired this door and made sure it was working. First, they housed out and refastened the top hinge. Then the strike plate was adjusted. Once this was completed, our team member secured the door lock and handle. As a

Patch and Paint at Top Ryde’s Coffee Emporium

The Arrow Traders team was recently called out to Top Ryde. As our team is highly skilled in painting services, we completed a patch and paint job. The job was for the Coffee Emporium in the Top Ryde shopping centre. Our team needed to patch and paint certain parts of the ceiling. How to Patch & Paint The first thing our team did was sand down the area that needed patching. Therefore, we ensured that the patched section would blend into the ceiling. It was important that we made sure the patch would match the rest of

Westfield Hurstville Storage Room Project

Our team has developed a strong relationship with Westfield Hurstville. We recently completed a job in their Loading Dock 5 storage room. Installation of Vinyl Flooring Arrow Traders supplied and installed vinyl flooring in the storage room. To install the flooring, we first measured the room. Once we had the flooring sections, we began by laying the planks on the floor making sure the flat side was up against the wall. Our team then aligned and positioned the planks. We had to make sure the end joins were in the right position. Therefore, we also had

Waterproofing & Signage Installation at Top Ryde

The Arrow Traders team recently completed a project at Top Ryde. Our team installed signage on the premise and waterproofed outside of their stores. Signage Installation The first task our team had to complete was installing signage outside. The Top Ryde centre needed six ‘Non-Smoking’ signs installed. These signs were metal. Therefore, they would be able to withstand different weather conditions outdoors. Our Non-Smoking signs help businesses to comply with the new smoking legislations introduced in NSW. They display a clear message with a red annulus to show the prohibited act. As a result, our signs comply

Speed Limit Sign Installation at Westfield Mt Druitt

Arrow Work and Safety Gear stocks a range of safety signs for all your needs, including the speed limit sign. Our main goal is to help our clients and the public stay safe. Therefore, we can also have signs customised for your needs. We recently installed signage at Westfield Mt Druitt. Keep reading to find out more about this project and signage safety standards. The Project Our team was called out to Westfield Mt Druitt to install speed signs in their car park. We had to install one sign on a large metal post. The sign clearly

Trolley Bay Sign Installation at Westfield Parramatta

Arrow Traders can carry out many trades for our clients. Our team is highly skilled to install all our products from our Arrow Safety shop. We installed trolley bay signs at Westfield Parramatta for our client. The Project Before installing our new signs, our team had to remove the current signs. Once we removed the trolley bay signs, we had to dispose of them. Therefore, when the signs were disposed of, our team started working on installing the signs. The team secured the signs to the existing frame. The sign we installed was a black trolley bay

Wheel Stop Installation on Westfield Mt Druitt Rooftop

One of Arrow Traders’ most popular safety products is our wheel stops. We just recently installed over 50 of these for one of our clients. Our team worked hard and efficiently to install our wheel stops on the Westfield Mt Druitt rooftop. 1. Preparation Before installing the wheel stops, we had to assess the area. Therefore, our team carried out an EHI scan to make sure the area was prepared for wheel stops installation. As a result, we were able to ensure there was no wires or cables underground that would be damaged. Therefore, we determined that

Lighting Installation at Westfield Penrith

At Arrow Traders we not only supply and install our work and safety equipment. We can also have our team install other equipment for your workplace. Westfield Penrith needed new lighting installed on their top level, in front of Big W. Arrow Traders was able to supply and install this lighting for our client in a quick and timely manner. Bringing Light to Westfield Penrith Our team was needed to supply and install six floodlights in front of the Big W store. We selected the STARPAD SE7071TC – 15/100W. This floodlight is the perfect option for both

Borec House Painting

Arrow Traders has recently been completing more painting jobs for our clients. We recently completed a painting job for Borec House in Penrith. Our team repainted the interior walls and doors for the Level Three Foyer Area, Ground Level Lift Lobby and Basement Lift Lobby. What We Did Paint Prep Before painting the interior walls, we had to ensure the walls were prepared for painting. Therefore, we had to dust down the walls. As a result, we ensured there was no debris, such as dust, that would affect the painting job. Once we had cleaned

Fire Stairs Project at Westfield Penrith

Over the Christmas break, our Arrow Traders team was working to satisfy our customers. The team worked in Westfield Penrith to makeover their fire stairwells. They were able to complete this task quickly over the break. What We Did First, we painted the walls in the stairwell. Allowing time for the walls to dry, Arrow Traders then painted the handrails. We used a colour that would complement the paint for the stairs and rejuvenate the stairwells. Once we allowed time for it to dry, our team then painted over the floor and stairs. We made sure that

Temporary Fence Installation at Stanhope Gardens

Our Arrow Traders team recently completed a fencing job at Stanhope Gardens. We installed temporary fencing for the Christmas and Holiday Season. Therefore, our team started the project on the 23rd of November and removed the fencing on the 29th of December. This project was completed by our highly skilled team, during hours. Installation of Fencing Our team of professionals installed temporary fencing stakes and barriers. Stanhope Gardens experienced an increase in customer crowds around the holiday season. Therefore, they needed to expand their car park. As a result, we created a temporary open area car space.

Replacing Storeroom Door at Top Ryde Shopping Centre

Our team was called out to Top Ryde City Shopping Centre to replace a storage room door. The door was damaged due to fire and needed to be replace with a brand new door. What We Did The Arrow Traders team replaced the fire damaged door with a new door. Our team had to install door jambs and a new lock to fit the door. They also replaced the door’s board with a weather strip. Finally, our team of trained professionals replaced the architraves and painted the door, to make sure it matched the external

Stanhope Gardens Painting Jobs

Arrow Traders has recently completed numerous painting jobs at Stanhope Gardens Shopping Centre. Here we will take you through two of our jobs, that our highly skilled team carried out. Customised Stencil Painting Our first task required our team to paint the words ‘Confined Space’ on multiple surfaces. The client needed this to be painted 110 times. Therefore, our team needed to find a quick and efficient way to achieve this. As a result, we decided to use a stencil to quickly paint the letters. We used a stencil that the client had supplied to paint the

Pipe Guard Installation at Westfield Parramatta

Our team at Arrow Traders has recently completed an installation project at Westfield Parramatta.  We had to install a bumper bracket around a pipe, behind the Centre Management Office. As a result, the pipe would be protected from damage over time. What Is A Pipe Guard? A pipe guard helps to extend the durability of a pipe. It can absorb damage and shock. Therefore, the pipe guard can protect the pipe from any damage. Pipe guards are specifically designed to protect pipes that are connected to columns or walls. As a result, they are useful for reducing

Westfield Hornsby Trades Project

Arrow Traders has just completed a project at Westfield Hornsby. As a result, the project involved multiple tasks that needed to be completed. Therefore, our team first installed a fixing kit for the toilets. Another project involved repairing walls inside the shopping centre. Installation of Toilet Fixing Kit Our team carried out maintenance work in the level 3 toilets. We were called to resolve issues in the kids toilet in the parents room. Therefore, our team of highly skilled professionals first repaired a seat in the parent’s room toilet. Arrow Traders also installed a new fixing kit

Top Ryde Trades Projects

Arrow Traders has worked with Top Ryde management to complete many trade projects. Our team recently completed two projects at the shopping centre. First, they repaired damaged tiles in the centre. Another project our team completed, was clearing out storage rooms. Repaired Tiles Multiple tiles in Top Ryde’s shopping centre had to be replaced, because of damages. Therefore, our team had to supply and install tiles for Top Ryde shopping centre. The Arrow Traders team sourced and supplied tiles that were the closest match to the other existing tiles. Our team was able to first

Boom Gate Installation at Westmead Child Care Centre

Arrow Traders completed a project at the Westmead Child Care Centre. Our team had to install a new boom gate for the site’s entrance. The original boom gate’s arm was bent and damaged. Therefore, it needed to be replaced. Preparation Before installing the boom gate, our team conducted a scan of the area. As a result, they chased out concrete footpaths. With the installation of the new boom gate, we had to ensure the electrical components were compatible. Therefore, our team of professionals installed a brand new RCD protected power circuit. Installation of Boom

Westfield Burwood Car Park Project

Arrow Traders recently visited Burwood to complete a few projects. Our team installed metal bollards and a ramp on various locations as well as repaired concrete. Concrete Repair Our team had to first repair a damaged area of the concrete floor. Luckily, our Arrow Traders team were highly trained and skilled to complete this task. The damaged concrete had a reasonably sized chunk taken out of it. Therefore, we had to first pour cement into the damaged hole. Our team then cured the concrete and cleaned the surface. Metal Bollard Installation

Westfield Hurstville Project

A few weeks ago, Arrow Traders completed a project at Westfield Hurstville. Our team had installed fencing at their dock areas. Additionally, we installed a floor bumper rail, within the shopping centre. EHI Scanning Prior to carrying out the trades projects, our team conducted an EHI scan. They scanned the concrete for any fixings and post tension cables. Our team also had to identify any potential electrical hazards because drilling would have to be carried out. The Arrow Traders team marked the location of post tension cables and determined the approximate depth. We also identified live active

Retaining Wall at Stanhope Gardens

Our professional team recently completed a trades project at Stanhope Gardens. They finished the task efficiently and repaired any damage. A retaining wall at Stanhope Gardens was sufficiently damaged from recent flooding. The wall was supposed to hold soil in place and prevent it from moving downhill. However, after heavy rain, the soil became heavy with the moisture and caused damage to the retaining wall’s bricks. Before As a result of heavy and damaging rain, a retaining wall at Stanhope Gardens needed replacing. Before our team could erect a new retaining wall, they first cleaned

Arrow Traders Project At Westfield Chatswood

Arrow Traders recently completed a big carpark project at Westfield Chatswood. We installed bollard, signage and speed humps. Our team also carried out trades projects including line painting, replacing pavers and straightening trolley bays. EHI Scanning First, Arrow Traders carried out EHI Scanning for all the tasks. Before installed bollards, speed humps and signage, we had to ensure the area was prepared and ready for installation. Our team was able to guarantee the area was suitable for all the tasks. Fix Trolley Bays & Railing The Arrow Traders team first had to fix three trolley bays.

Convex Mirror Installation at Burwood Loading Dock

The Arrow Traders’ team recently completed a project efficiently for Westfield Burwood Shopping Centre. We were asked to install Outdoor Convex Mirrors at Westfield Burwood Shopping Centre’s Loading Dock. Our team was able to quickly install an Outdoor Convex Mirror at the Dock 2 Entrance. What We Did Our team had to install an Outdoor Convex Mirror to a wall surface. First, they secured the right angle bracket to the back of the convex mirror. The arc slot had to be facing downwards. The wall mount bracket was then attached to the wall, with bolts. When the

Wheel Stops Replacement at Mt Druitt

Arrow Traders were recently contacted by Mt Druitt. The Mt Druitt team recognised that their wheel stops needed to be replaced and contacted us to do the job. Therefore, we were asked to replace a few of their wheel stops in the loading dock. What We Did Our team of trained professionals first assessed the area and condition of the wheel stops before beginning the project. First, they removed the damaged wheel stops. As a result, once the previous wheel stops were removed, they were able to begin installing our new wheel stops. Our team first measured

Replacement of Door Hinges

The Task Arrow Traders’ team recently completed a project for one of our clients. It involved replacing rusted door hinges. We were able to complete this task quickly and efficiently. The Problem Our client had metal louvre doors that were used as an enclosure, for exhaust fans on their rooftop. However, the issue was with their door hinges. The hinges were highly rusted and could barely be opened. Therefore, we needed to replace them. The metal louvre doors were heavy and would need to be worked on one at a time. Therefore, we needed to act quickly

CCTV Customised Signs Installed at Westmead Hospital

Arrow Traders just completed another project at Westmead. We were asked to install signage for their CCTV cameras. Westmead Hospital required signs in their new building and the Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research (ICPMR) building. Installation Before installing the signage for Westmead, our team also ensured the surface was properly prepared. We made sure that the surface was clean and ready for signage installation. Our team removed any debris and made sure the surface was smooth. As a result, the walls were ready for our team of professionals to install the signage. Westmead

Acrovyn Installation at Westmead Hospital

The Project Arrow Traders recently completed a project at Westmead Hospital. Our team needed to protect their doors from damage. Therefore, we decided to install Acrovyn sheets. Acrovyn. Acrovyn are protective sheets, that are applied to surfaces including: walls, doors and railings. They are useful in workplaces such as hospitals, aged care and schools. We completed the task quickly, to reduce disruptions. What is Acrovyn? Acrovyn is a protective sheet placed over areas, to prevent damage. It is suitable for doors, walls and corners. The sheets are

Height Bar Installation at Ashfield Mall

The Problem Our team was recently called in to complete a job at Ashfield Mall. We were required to replace their previous height bar for their car park entrance. Our team of professionals completed this task effectively and efficiently. Therefore, there was not an extensive holdup at Ashfield Mall. The Height Bar Features Ashfield Mall's original height bar was too small lengthwise and needed to be wider. As a result, drivers entering on both sides would be able to visibly see the height allowance. Therefore, we decided to install a height bar that was 5m in length. Our

Boom Gate Repairs on Short Notice, NSW Health Client

Our Time Efficient Service Our Arrow Traders team recently completed a project for our NSW Health client. We received an inquiry by our client to assist in repairing a damaged boom gate, on short notice. Within twenty four hours, our team was on site and prepared to complete the task as efficiently as possible. Repairing The Damaged Boom Gate We had to first remove the damaged boom gate to allow our team of professionals to assess the damage, before conducting repairs. Once our team determined that the boom gate

Recently Completed Project at St Ives, Upper North Shore

What Happened? On the 12th of December last year, residents of St Ives were shocked when a vehicle drove straight through a garage wall and fell approximately six metres (Marsh 2019). The vehicle landed on a tennis court on the ground below and luckily no one was seriously hurt (Marsh). How We Ensured This Wouldn’t Happen Again On September 1st 2020, our team of highly skilled professionals completed a recent project at this very location. Hoping to ensure something like this would not happen again. Here at Arrow Traders, our main goal is to ensure businesses and customers around

Recent Work Completed at Westmead Hospital and Cumberland Hospital, Westmead

Our team of trained professionals recently completed a project at Westmead Hospital. We were called in to install new flooring in two rooms and three door trims. We cut around wires, metal cabinets and removed furniture before commencing. To prepare the area we had to remove previously glued tiles, polyvac and feather finishes. Our professionals installed the Polyfloor Expona Superplank as the features were suitable for hospitals. The Expona Superplank is slip, chemical and abrasion resistant, therefore suitable for hospital flooring. It meets the ISO 10585/EN649 standards. This flooring was supplied by our

Car Park Pedestrian Crossing Painting Tasks by ArrowTraders

One of our Team Members painting a Pedestrian Crossing We recently refurbished Castle Towers' Car Park pedestrian crossings. Whilst working, we used modern tools for straight lines, measurements and cleaned the area and surface fully before commencing. Keeping safety in mind, we plan and make safe  the entire work area  with bollards and barricade tape, for the safety of every one involved. We even prepare the surfaces by repairing small holes or broken surfaces. We provide a specialised and high end service by using branded/compliant paints and materials for painting tasks. For any Painting tasks, please contact us

Tactile Installation on Ramps in Castle Tower Docs

We recently installed Tactiles at  Castle Tower's Loading Docks and Car parks. All  safety precautions were taken for the safety of pedestrians and  our staff by putting up temporary  bollards, barricade tape and safety signs. Our staff were instructed to use  safety gloves, glasses and safety shoes. Our Tactiles meet Australian standards , and we supply and install Tactile Mats/Pads, Stainless Steel with or without with Black Carborundum Infill. So if you need to have Tactile Mats or if you want to get them installed, we can assist with a quality product and professional installation.

Loading Dock Safety Installations for Castle Towers Shopping Centre, Castle Hill, NSW

we tackled the much-needed project of implementing safety installations within the Loading Dock at Castle Towers Shopping centre. The project took 7 days to get completed. Upon request, the challenges and processes we faced included Safety assessment Design Brief Sourcing of Materials & Services Supplying the Materials and Services Constant management of the project Safety assessment upon completion Extra precautions As shown in the before and after photos the previous loading dock was leading to a very dangerous hazard so it was our responsibility to get this project completed as quick as possible


Arrow Traders Pty Ltd is a well established Company covering all aspects of various trades both commercial and domestic. We have been serving the Sydney area for many years and we have a reputation for high quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Below are some blogs showcasing some of our Arrow Traders staff at work onsite and various Jobs/Projects that we have undertaken installing and replacing many of  the products we supply from Arrow Work & Safety Gear.

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