Class 6 Toxic Substance Storage Cabinet

This Class 6 Toxic Substance Storage Cabinet is AS/NZS4452 compliant and can safely and securely store toxic substances. This includes the storage of alkaloids, arsenic, aniline, cyanides, mercury, phenol-solid, trichloroethylene and more.

  • Made from double walled 1.2mm thick galvanised steel.
  • Shelve heights can be adjusted at 45mm increments.
  • External static earth connection and 1 x bonding wire.
  • 150mm deep liquid tight sump.
  • Optional additional shelves available.
  • Sizing options available – contact us for more information and quotes.
  • 2 x sequential self closing doors fitted with speed adjustable hydraulic closures.
  • 2 x 1.6mm thick, perforated, galvanised steel shelf.
  • Continual piano type door hinge.
  • Overlapping door edging to prevent ingress of heat.
  • 2 x 50mm vent bungs with steel caps.
  • Each vent incorporates steel flash arrester.
  • 3 point self latching door mechanism.
  • Recessed handle with keyed alike lock with 2 keys.
  • Solvent resistant yellow baked powder coated finish.
  • Toxic Substance diamond and other decals applied.


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