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Flexible Traffic Bollard


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  • Made from high quality Poly Urethane
  • Flexible with high impact resistance.
  • UV resistant.
  • Non-fading.
  • Fluorescent colour with high intensity reflective tape.


  • Suitable for work zone safety, roadwork, traffic control, construction and mining applications.
  • Used for temporary traffic control and traffic guidance


Model Height Diameter
PSP780 780mm 80mm

1 in stock

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Warning post/flexible bollard/delineator
UV resistant,no fading and ageing;
Easy installation with bolts.
Warning post/flexible bollard/delineator/flexible delineator/column
1. PU material,more durable;
2. Ideal for traffic delineation,guiding at the gate or road crossing;
3. Flexible,Bollard/post/column returns to vertical position after impact;
4. Plastic design means no damage to vehicles when knocked;
5. UV resistant,no fading and ageing;
6. Highly visible fluorescent colours,can be done as request;

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Dimensions 200 × 780 mm