Metal Fold-Down Locking Bollard

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  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Height: 610mm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Weight: 5.3kgs
  • Surface Finish: Galvanised & Powder-Coated
  • Base: Cast Iron
  • Bolts Hole Size: 12mm
  • Keyed Alike: 2 Keys per Bollard

34 in stock



These bollards differ from your regular metal bollards. Therefore, they secure parking spaces or protect other areas. The Fold-Down Bollard comes with a key lock. To protect your parking space or other area, use the key provided. Unlock the bollard, and ensure it is standing upright vertically. Once the bollard is in place, use the key to lock it in position. To lower the bollard to its horizontal position, unlock it and place the vertical portion flat against the ground. Constructed from steel, these bollards are highly durable and can withstand impact from moving vehicles.

  • Designed for vehicle access control and parking space protection
  • The lay-flat position in only 80mm high to allow vehicles to drive over it
  • Must come complete with fixings and lock
  • Must be safety yellow in colour
  • Reflective sign face is optional
  • Must be installed 750mm deep into parking space, measured from the line separating the space from the lane
  • Must be an even distance from the two side lines of the space

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