General Purpose Absorbent Mini Boom – 2.4m x 7.5cm

$24.95 Excl. GST

2.4m general purpose absorbent booms for all liquids including coolant, solvent, degreaser, paint, blood, mild acids and bases, oil, fuel, diesel, petrol and other hydrocarbons.

Description Size Code
General purpose absorbent mini boom 2.4m x 7.5cm SCM24075

They absorb up to 16L of liquid.



These absorbents are perfect for paint, blood, coolants, degreasers, bodily fluids, fuels, oils as as well as mild acids, bases and water-based chemicals. They are flexible for drains, machinery and pallets.

The grey colour identifies these as general purpose mini booms.

Product Features

This absorbent boom is useful for industrial sites and factories, mine sites and workshops, factories, pain shops, fuel handling facilities, oil storage depots, vehicle repair shops and transport facilities. Additionally, they are perfect for storm-water drain protection.

To reuse the boom, simply squeeze out the liquid.

Our general purpose absorbent booms are made from surface-modified polypropylene which has a high absorbent capacity. Therefore, they absorb 20 20 times their own weight in liquid. Additionally, this material is durable, non-hazardous and non-allergenic.

Australian Made

Booms are available individually or in cartons of 12.

The absorbent capacity depends on liquid viscosity, specific gravity and temperature. Use the MSDS, compatibility chart or sample test, before absorbing specific chemicals. Absorbents maintain characteristics of absorbed liquid. Therefore, PPE and other local regulations need to be followed.

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