Road sign road hump

$75.00 Excl. GST

Comes with aluminum pole, and base having four holes for bolts to install on concrete, grounds, roads, parking’s. With an option to add two aluminum rings for the support of traffic signage.

Increase the life of your signs by up to 3 years with a UV and Weather proof protective over laminate.

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This class 1 retroreflective road hump sign is a road obstacle warning sign. It features the Australian road hump symbol on a diamond-shaped yellow background with a thick black border. Select your required size and material from the dropdown menu above.

A warning sign is a type of traffic sign that indicates potentially hazardous conditions on or adjacent to the road which may not be readily apparent to a driver. Warning signs advise of conditions which may require caution and may call for a reduction in speed in the interest of the safety of road users. These warnings may include road condition changes, inhabited animals or a change in upcoming landscape/terrain.

This warning road hump sign is class 1 retroreflective and designed and manufactured to meet the relevant Australian Standards. Warning road signs are manufactured in metal or aluminium in various sizes as dictated by the Australian Standard. Warning signs feature either text, symbolic pictograms or in some instances a combination of both.

Accessories for this road hump sign include brackets, poles and mounting posts which are sold separately.

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