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Stackable Bollard

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Made from high quality PE, flexible and weather resistant.

UV resistant, non-fading.

Made to Australian Standards.

Base weight of 6 Kg.

Easily Stackable


  • Suitable for work zone safety, roadwork, traffic control, construction and mining applications.
  • Used for temporary traffic control and traffic guidance


Model Height Diameter Weight
RD 22-C 1150mm 95mm Top, 220mm Bottom 6Kg

85 in stock

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Australia Standard 1150mm T-Top Stackable Mining Channelizer Delineator Post Bollard Cone

Stackable Bollards are useful for temporary signage, traffic and crowd control. They are strong and flexible, and therefore, perfect for road maintenance. Hi-vis colours and high-intensity reflective stripes, therefore high visibility.

  • Two-piece construction, therefore, easy handling and storage.
  • Heavy rubber base, therefore high stability in high-speed traffic and wind
  • 6kgs or 8kgs or 12kgs
  • Made of flexible and tough LDPE
  • UV stabilizer, anti-ultraviolet radiation and fade resistant
  • 25cm reflective sleeves
  • Keyhole for chain, rope or rails

Comply with Australian Standards AS1742

  • ­At least 750mm high and 100mm in diameter
  • Fluorescent red or orange material
  • Not a substitute for barrier boards and signs at either end of the work
  • 250mm white horizontal retroreflective band for night use

Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 430 × 1150 mm
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