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Arrow Work and Safety Gear stock a range of wheel stops, including our rubber wheel stop, that protect pedestrians and vehicles from potential damage. Wheel stops create a barrier between physical objects such as a vehicle and wall. In this way, they protect pedestrians and passengers from harm when moving into parking spaces.

Our wheel stops are made from durable rubber so you do not have to worry about them warping, cracking, chipping or rotting. We’ve ensured that our products are UV resistant, moisture resistant, oil resistant and weather resistant. Therefore, you know that our wheel stops will protect your property and pedestrians for years to come. We have ensured that our wheel stops can be effectively used throughout the day by including a yellow reflector on the front and back.

Wheel stops are one of the most common forms of protection for both pedestrians and vehicles. They are commonly utilised in environments including; retail carparks, airports, schools, medical centres, commercial sites and industrial sites.  This form of protective barrier can help reduce damage to walls, buildings and vehicles, upon impact. With a highly visible yellow reflector stripe, our wheel stops can be installed in areas that require 24 hour protection.

Installation Process

Wheel stops are very easy and simple to install in most premises. We will first place the wheel stop where it is required to ensure measurements and placement is accurate. If the surface area is asphalt, our professionals will then use a hammer drill to drill guide holes. Once the guide holes have been created, the wheel stop will then be aligned with the holes. When the placement of the holes is correct, our team will then hammer road spikes into the surface.

If the surface that the wheel stop is being installed on is concrete however, the installation process will differ slightly. The wheel stop will first be positioned in the correct place and then 10mm pilot holes will be drilled through the wheel stop’s holes.  Once the holes are a sufficient depth, the wheel stop will then be placed back into the original position. Dynabolts will be used to secure the wheel stop into the concrete surface.

At Arrow Traders we aim to improve the safety and protection for all businesses. With our range of durable high-quality rubber wheel stops, you can be reassured that your premise and customers will be protected for many years.

Comply with AS2890.1:2004

  • 90mm to 100mm in height and approx. 1650mm in width
  • 620mm to 1100mm distance from vehicle tyre contact point
  • Size: 1650 x 150 x 100mm
  • Weight: 15kgs
  • Superior construction and durability means these wheel stops will not warp, crack, chip or rot.
  • Yellow Reflectors on either side of the wheel stop.
  • Reflective tape 3M – 6 PCS
  • Complies with Australian/NZ current standard AS/NZS 2890.1:2004.
  • Resistant to UV, moisture, oil and extreme weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation to concrete surfaces with concrete fastenings 0r 300mm Road spikes for asphalt/bitumen surfaces over base – course.

Additional information

Weight 15.6 kg
Dimensions 165 × 15 × 10 cm


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