The Task

Arrow Traders’ team recently completed a project for one of our clients, involving the replacement of door hinges. We had a team of highly trained professionals complete this project safely. We were able to complete this task quickly and efficiently.

Before Replacement of the Door Hinges

Our client had metal louvre doors that were used as an enclosure, for exhaust fans on their rooftop.

However, the issue was with their door hinges. The hinges were highly rusted and could barely be opened. Therefore, we needed to replace them.

The metal louvre doors were heavy and would need to be worked on one at a time. Therefore, we needed to act quickly to ensure that the exhaust fans were properly enclosed.

Rusted Door HingeHeavy-Duty Ball Bearing Door Hinge

Replacement of the Door Hinges

Our team had to first remove the rusted hinges. The metal louvre doors weighed approximately 10kgs to 20kgs and would be difficult to remove. Therefore, our team of professionals decided to use a scissor lift to reach the exhaust fan enclosure. When our team could reach the enclosure, they removed each door one at a time. As a result, we could more easily attach the new hinges to each door. The hinges we used were heavy duty ball bearing hinges. Therefore, we could ensure that the hinges would be durable and long-lasting. When our team was satisfied with each door, they reinstalled the enclosure doors one at a time.

Arrow Traders’ Guarantee

Our team of highly skilled professionals were able to complete this task in an efficient manner. We sourced and installed all the necessary equipment, such as the hinges. Upon their assessment, our team informed the client that we would require a scissor lift to complete the project. This ensured that we did not waste time during the project. If you would like a similar service or have realised you may need similar repairs and replacements, please contact us. We would be happy to offer you a quote and suggestions for the best possible path of action.

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