Our team was called out to Top Ryde City Shopping Centre to replace a storage room door. The door was damaged due to fire and needed to be replace with a brand new door.

What We Did

The Arrow Traders team replaced the fire damaged door with a new door. Our team had to install door jambs and a new lock to fit the door. They also replaced the door’s board with a weather strip. Finally, our team of trained professionals replaced the architraves and painted the door, to make sure it matched the external walls.

Door Jambs

The door was an external storage room door. Therefore, our team wanted to ensure maximum stability. They installed durable door jambs that could support the heavy door and ensure the frame was strong.

When installing a door, door jambs are important as they provide a surface for the hinges and door latch. As a result, we wanted to ensure the door jambs would not be easily damaged.

Weather Strip

The storeroom door was external and would be subject to various weather conditions. Therefore, to ensure durability, our team decided to weatherstrip the door. Weatherstripping involves sealing any gaps around a door, to minimise damage from weather.

The door was also leading to a storeroom which could hold many things that needed protecting from the weather. As a result, we though weatherproofing would be effective.

By weatherstripping the door, we ensured damage from rainwater, heat and other conditions would be limited.


The Arrow Traders team also replaced the original architraves.

Architraves are moulding that is installed around the doorframe. As a result, it can cover any gaps between the door and the frame.

Therefore, architraves also protect the joints from any external damage.

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