Safety Signs

Road Safety Signs are a type of sign used to keep individuals safe from any kind of harm in the surrounding area. Therefore, they must be installed as soon as a real or potential threat is identified. As a result, they can keep people safe in the workplace. Therefore they raise awareness and promote the hazardous situations of activities, to prevent injuries.

Road Safety Signs Features

Arrow Work and Safety can supply a range of Road Safety Signs for your car parks, shopping centres, loading docks, rest rooms, and other areas. Therefore, they serve many purposes including; marking exit routes and car park directions, the required use of PPE and hazard warnings. As a result, safety signs communicate information with colours, shapes and symbols to display the hazard or danger. Text can also be used for further clarification.

Road Safety Sign Customisation

Our available customisation includes creating signs with your logo, mission statement or other elements. Our safety symbols are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Additionally, we can make the sign reflective if necessary. We are also able to enhance the sign’s longevity by increasing the life of your signs by up to 3 years with a UV and weather-proof protective over laminate. As a result, we can match your needs and requirements. Therefore, we offer high quality at the most affordable price in Sydney, NSW.

Comply with Australian Standard AS 1319

Danger Signs

Must be used when conditions are potentially life threatening and must have the word ‘Danger’ in white letters, on red oval, inside black rectangle.

Warning/Caution Signs

When warning of conditions that are unlikely to be life threatening if ignored and yellow triangle with a black enclosure must be used.

Mandatory signs

Should have a blue disc with a white symbol and the word ‘Must’ is used.

Prohibition Signs

Include a red annulus and slash symbol on white background, to indicate unpermitted activities.

Safety/Emergency Signs

Must include a white symbol or text on a green rectangle, to indicate the location or direction of emergency related facilities and safety equipment.

Regulatory Road Signs

Should be rectangle with black text on white background and can include red or green colouring.

Warning Road Signs

Must be black on yellow background and diamond-shaped.

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