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Social Distancing Floor Decals

Our Social Distancing Floor Decals show the required social distance for your workplace. Suitable for hard floors and short-pile carpet tiles in factories, shopping malls, centres, airports and supermarkets. They are easily applicable and withstand pressure from pallets jacks, forklifts and stiletto heels.  Additionally, the decals are high-grip and non-slip.

Yellow Social Distancing Tape

This Yellow Social Distancing Tape is a perfect alternative to other social distancing equipment, particularly for temporary methods. With a yellow coloured PVC, this tape draws attention to the required social distancing.

Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers

Fire Sprinkler Paint Covers are perfect to protect your fire sprinklers during painting or any other construction tasks. Simply peel and stick the adhesive of the cover over the sprinkler and be reassured that that the tape will secure the cover. With a high visibility orange colour, the covers identify where sprinklers are to prevent any accidental damage.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler

The Commercial Fire Sprinkler Tool is the most efficient tool to shut off fire sprinklers. It works quickly to minimise water damage and protect buildings amongst other surrounding equipment and areas. The tool can be used on upright, pendant and sidewall fire sprinklers, in addition to recessed heads.

Traffic Delineator

Our range of traffic delineators are constructed from high quality PE that is UV and weather resistant, making it perfect for temporary traffic control. They are useful in delineating and guiding traffic around work zones. With a high visibility yellow, our delineators provide protection and can alert surrounding members of the public. Their flexibility ensures the safety of individuals while also minimising the damage to vehicles.

Corner Protectors

Corner Protectors are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures. As a result of the black and yellow reflective stripes, they are highly visible. Made from high-impact resistance tough rubber and PVC, they are highly durable and reduce the potential for accidents. They are useful in protecting vehicles from damage in tight car spaces and on machinery to cover sharp corners.

Barricade Tape

Our red and white Hazard Tape highlights potential dangers in the area. It is used to temporarily block off construction zones or hazardous areas from pedestrians. The reflective red and white surface makes the tape highly visible. Our tape is UV resistant, high strength and non-fading, making it highly durable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Cable Protector

Rubber Floor Cable Protectors are the perfect system that protects your cables and floor from damage as well as preventing those awkward office trip-ups. The tooled out bottom and raised threading makes it highly slip resistant while still providing great cable protection. The Protectors are made from rubber and therefore, does not slip on carpet. As a result, they are suitable for offices, warehouse and garages.

Rumble Bar

Rumble Bars are surface mounted units that provide a visual warning to alert motorists of hazardous conditions ahead. They are built to control traffic and increase the safety of the surrounding areas. As a speed moderator, they are manufactured to be very durable and they come in safety yellow so that they are highly visible. They are suitable for centre line, median, line marking, edge marking and line marking traffic islands in order to prevent damage from minor accidents. Our rumble bars have a glass Beading reflector available and can be easily glued or screwed both indoors and outdoors.

Cone Bar Retractable

Our Retractable Cone Bars are designed to join our Traffic Cones, T-Top and Stackable Bollards as a temporary barrier for construction zones and hazardous areas. It is the most effective physical barrier to block off unsafe areas. As a result of black and yellow stripes, they are highly visible so pedestrians can see the hazardous areas. They extend and retract between 1.3 to 2.15 metres, to suit your individual safety needs and hazardous area sizes.

Dock Bumper

Dock Bumpers are designed to prevent impact damage to loading dock walls and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. By being installed on the dock wall, it absorbs the impact of a vehicle hitting the wall. Therefore, it allows the vehicle to reverse without damaging the property or vehicle. With pre drilled mounting holes, we are able to install the dock bumpers by mounting them with anchor bolts.

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