Speed Humps

Our Speed Humps are created to provide strong impact, and slow down traffic to reduce speeding. As a result, these speed humps will prevent the risk of accidents occurring.

Breakers are intended to reduce the speed of a vehicle down to 10-15 miles per hour and as a result are used in areas where traffic needs to move smoothly at low speeds, to protect pedestrians. Speed Breakers can be installed in areas such as; shopping centres, school zones and car parks where the number of pedestrians is high. The speed humps are able to reduce traffic speed by creating a gentle rocking sensation for cars that pass over at the posted speed limit. As a result, they are able to maintain the low level of speed required in the surrounding area.

Speed Humps Features

Arrow Traders stock a wide range of breakers that can be suitable for either light or heavy traffic environments. They are suitable for vehicles, forklifts, trucks and buses travelling in private, commercial or industrial units. To ensure that our speed humps can be installed in any area, we stock both rubber and plastic humps. They also all come in yellow and black and can therefore be installed indoors and outdoors.

The chequered plate design featured on all of our UV stabilised breakers prevent car wheels from slipping. Therefore, enhancing the safety of the area and reducing the risk for potential accidents.


As per your requirement we can install any of our plastic or rubber breakers in order to slow down traffic and maintain the safety in your area. We are able to supply high quality breakers you need, along with professional installation of the product at the best prices in order to enhance the safety of the required area.

Arrow Work and Safety Gear Sydney, New South Wales Speed Humps meet Australian and New Zealand Standards.

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