Stair Nosing, Tactiles & Entrance Mats

Arrow Work and Safety Gear stocks a range of equipment for your flooring including tactile mats, stair nosing and entrance mats. Therefore, we keep pedestrians safe and fulfil other functional purposes.

Tactile Mats

Tactiles help the visually impaired move around. They use sensory information to help pedestrians move around dangerous situations such as pedestrian crossings and stairs. We stock a range of tactiles and mats, including high visibility yellow. Our mats come in high-quality rubber to prevent slipping and accidents. The mats are UV stabilised so they can be installed indoors or outdoors. All our individual tactiles are slip-resistant and have the required luminance contrast.

Stair Nosing

Arrow Work and Safety can also source stair nosing. You can have stair nosing installed in a simple black colour or a high visibility yellow. Therefore, creating awareness for pedestrians and ensuring they stay safe.

Floor Mats

Our floor mats can keep your workplace safe or display your logo and branding. We have rubber, entrance, wet area, and special purpose mats. Our mats are perfect for any premise including offices, workshops, supermarkets, stables, and desks.

Some of our floor mats include the new and innovative MicroShield Foot Bath, which disinfects any shoes that step onto them. We also have the standing desk mat for those who work long hours at a desk.

Our team also takes orders for customised floor mats. We can have any colour, shape or text printed. We can also have mats cut to customised sizes in your choice of material.

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