Before and After Our Tactile Mat Installation

We recently installed our tactile mats at Castle Tower’s loading docks and car parks. Our team maintained the necessary safety measures. We used temporary  bollards, barricade tape and safety signs. Therefore, we barricaded the area off from members of the public. Additionally, our staff wore safety gloves, glasses and shoes. As a result, we protected our own team from hazards. Therefore, we managed the safety of pedestrians and our team.

Arrow Traders ensures our range of tactile mats meet Australian standards. Our individual tactiles all have a 35mm base diameter and 25mm top diameter. Importantly, they are slip resistant with a minimum luminance contrast of 30-45%. As a result, you are guaranteed that our products are a high-quality. Therefore, pedestrians are kept safe.

Feel free to check out our range of tactile options. Our product line includes tactile mats and pads, stainless steel tactiles and a black carborundum infill.

Furthermore, Arrow Traders can professionally install the tactiles on your premise.

Contact our team now to purchase tactiles or book an installation!  Our team can help you select the best tactile option for your site. We can assist with a quality product and professional installation.

Yellow Tactile Mat
Our Team Member Installing Tactile Mats
Before and After Our Tactile Installation

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