Our Arrow Traders team recently completed a fencing job at Stanhope Gardens. We installed temporary fencing for the Christmas and Holiday Season.

Therefore, our team started the project on the 23rd of November and removed the fencing on the 29th of December. This project was completed by our highly skilled team, during hours.

Installation of Fencing

Our team of professionals installed temporary fencing stakes and barriers. Stanhope Gardens experienced an increase in customer crowds around the holiday season. Therefore, they needed to expand their car park. As a result, we created a temporary open area car space. Therefore, we extended the space available for customers.

The fencing area was temporary, and we wanted to make sure that customers knew of the area. Therefore, we installed signs to communicate this information.

Finally, our team installed two lighting towers. These towers were hired by Stanhope Gardens between the 30th of November and the 28th of December. As a result, our team removed these lighting towers after December 28th.

Repair of Fencing

High winds damaged the temporary fencing. As a result, our team reinstated the temporary fencing. Therefore, we supplied and installed new star posts. Our team completed this project quickly. Therefore, we allowed pedestrian access to the area again, by the 30th of November.

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