Oil & Fuel Indoor Economy Spill Kit 240L

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The Economical Oil & Fuel Spill Kit is perfect for oil and fuel spills on sealed floors in workshops, warehouses, loading docks, factories or other indoor work sites. It can absorb up to 90L of fuel, solvents, petrol, oil, diesel and other petroleum liquids. The contents come in a yellow 240L wheelie bin.

This kit is colour-coded by the white meltblown polypropylene absorbents, which absorb up to 20 times its own weight. These absorbents do not absorb water. As a result, they are useful in wet environments such as rivers, creeks, lakes and ponds. The kit also comes with a floorsorb ground absorbents and polypropylene oil absorbents.

A global audit tag is included, to identify when the kit has been used. Labels, re-order forms and instructions are also included in a document holder. In addition, the front and side of the bin contains information. Therefore, you can observe the spill kit type, suitable liquids, and emergency instructions.

  • Size: 600 × 700 × 1050mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight:
 Qty  Description  Size  Code
2 Oil and fuel absorbent mini boom 2.4m x 10cm PBFO2.4
4 Oil and fuel absorbent mini boom 1.2m x 10cm PBFO1.2
50 Oil and fuel absorbent pads 45cm x 45cm MBBP
2 Floorsorb floorsweep bag 7kg FS7
1 Barrier tape 7.5cm x 50m TAPEC50X75
1 Spill kit labels and audit tag Self-adhesive PVC AT
1 Operating instructions A4 laminated SKI
 All components are replaceable individually or as a refill kit:
1 SKHE240 refill kit Complete SKHE240-Refill

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 60 × 70 × 105 cm