NO Smoking NSW State Sign

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A no smoking sign is placed in an area where smoking is not allowed and should be placed in a working atmosphere or a business premises. It helps to improve the air quality and allows everyone in a facility to breathe easily.

With tough new No Smoking laws being issued in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, smoking in enclosed public places and entrances is now illegal. The Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 bans smoking in enclosed public places and certain outdoor public areas. These bans protect people from harmful second hand tobacco smoke – the smoke which smokers exhale after inhaling from a lit cigarette. There is no safe level of exposure to second hand smoke.

*Metal and Aluminium Signs are CL1 Reflective*

  • Material available: metal
  • Sizes available: 300x225mm, 450x300mm
  • Help meet new No Smoking Legislations by displaying a clear message
  • Comply with the new ‘4 metre law’
  • Avoid heavy fines by preventing people from smoking indoors or near your building, facility or business
  • Enforce your workplace’s no smoking policy.
  • Help stop second hand smoke in crowded areas and support the environment

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