Metal Bollards are vertical posts. As a result, they are used to slow down traffic and prevent collisions. Our bollards come in two sizes, to suit your needs. They are powder coated in yellow and include a red reflective tape. Therefore, they are highly visible to all drivers and pedestrians.

How Do Metal Bollards Work?

Metal Bollards are made from steel for high impact resistance. As a result, they protect buildings and properties from vehicular damage.

Additionally, they can be used with flexible bollards. Therefore, they create a higher impact protection.

Where Can Metal Bollards Be Used?

Metal Bollards are commonly used as road markings. Therefore, they can help guide traffic.

They can also be used to identify car-free zones. As a result, they reduce traffic speed and vehicle spill-overs.

Our bollards include a base plate. Therefore, they are ideal for low-impact collisions. As a result, they are perfect to use in carparks and can protect pedestrians, buildings, and equipment.

Installation of Metal Bollards

At Arrow Traders, we stock a range of metal bollards with a base plate. As a result, we guarantee that our bollards can be installed easily. The process for installing these bollards differs, based on the surface material. Therefore, we will briefly explain each process.


To install a metal bollard on a concrete surface, first drill four holes. Remove the concrete dust and align the bollard with the drilled holes. Then hammer either DynaBolts or screw bolts to secure the bollard.


If the surface is asphalt, we follow a different process. Therefore, it is slightly longer. First cut the surface and excavate an an appropriately sized footing. Next, pour concrete into the opening and cure it. When the concrete has set, the same process is followed as mentioned previously.

Arrow Traders’ Guarantee

Our Arrow Traders team is available however, if you would like the bollards installed by us. Our team of professionals are highly trained to ensure they are correctly installed. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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