The Flexible Knock Down Two Piece Bollard is useful for traffic control and guidance. However, unlike metal bollards, they are easier to move. Therefore, they are more useful for temporary purposes.

How Do Flexible Knock Down Two Piece Bollards Work?

This bollard is made from a lightweight polyethylene. As a result, it will take the impact from the collision without damaging the vehicle. Due to the elastic joint, the bollard can return to its original vertical position. Therefore, these flexible bollards will not damage vehicles or personal property.

The bollard also comes with a strong rubber base. This base ensures the bollard is durable and not damaged over time. Therefore, they will be useful for a long time.

Our Flexible Knock Down Bollards have two reflective tapes. As a result, these bollards are perfect during day and night, to heighten awareness. Therefore, pedestrians and drivers are aware of the situation and traffic is guided at all hours.

Where Are Flexible Knock Down Two Piece Bollards Used?

As mentioned before, our Knock Down Two Piece Bollard is perfect for temporary traffic control and guidance. They are used for construction and maintenance areas. Additionally, they are perfect work zone safety, roadwork, traffic control, and mining applications because they are easily removed.

Installation of Flexible Knock Down Two Piece Bollards

The Flexible Knock Down Two Piece Bollard is one of the easiest bollards to install quickly. You can use epoxy or masonry anchors to install the rubber base to the surface.

The vertical post then twists locks into the base. It is removed as easily.

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