Arrow Traders recently completed a big carpark safety project at Westfield Chatswood. We installed bollard, signage and speed humps. Our team also carried out trades projects including line painting, replacing pavers and straightening trolley bays.

EHI Scanning

First, Arrow Traders carried out EHI Scanning for all the tasks. Before installing our bollards, speed humps and signage, we had to ensure the area was prepared and ready for installation. Our team was able to guarantee the area was suitable for all the carpark safety tasks.

Fix Trolley Bays & Railing

The Arrow Traders team first had to fix three trolley bays. Our professionals welded and straightened the trolley bays.

They also straightened the yellow railings in the red carpark.

Installation of Bollards

Our team installed six slope top metal bollards. These were installed at each end of three trolley bays in the car park.

We also installed three flexible orange bollards at the Devonshire exit. Arrow Traders removed the previously damaged bases, to allow for the flexible bollards to be correctly installed. These flexible bollards were installed at the kerb, on the green carpark, to provide an added layer of protection. It can also help guide traffic in the carpark.

Installation of InGround Barriers

InGround Barriers were installed at the Anderson St exit. Arrow Traders was responsible for manufacturing, powdercoating and installing these barriers. The previous barriers used were smaller. Therefore, drivers coming up the ramp could not easily view the barriers. As a result, crossing pedestrians were in danger.

Arrow Traders decided to install larger barriers behind the pedestrian crossing. As a result, drivers are more likely to view the barriers and notice pedestrians. The barriers we installed had a class A reflective yellow and red directional sticker. Therefore, we could guarantee that it caught drivers’ attention.

Line Painting for Pedestrian Crossing & Stop Line

Along with the supply and installation of safety equipment, our team also carried out some of our trade services.

We repainted a 3mx3m pedestrian crossing, at the Anderson St entry and exit.

Our professionals also changed a ‘Give Way’ line to a ‘Stop’ line.

Installation of Signage

Arrow Traders supplied and installed signage for the Chatswood carpark. We installed one of our ‘Stop’ signs on a post near the kerb. The sign was a reflective 600mm hexagon, to ensure that all drivers and pedestrians were aware of the sign. We also installed another ‘Stop’ sign to a wall column.

We also installed a ‘No Pedestrian Access’ sign, near the Anderson St exit. This added another level of protection and safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Installation of Pavers

One of the trades we completed during this project, was the replacement of damaged pavers. We supplied and replaced five damaged pavers, near the Anderson St traffic lights.

Installation of Speed Humps

The Devonshire exit from the carpark, has a noticeable dip. As a result, it can be easy for cars to pick up speed. Therefore, a speed hump would be useful at this exit. However, the existing speed hump at the Devonshire exit needed to be replaced. Our team was able to remove the existing speed hump and upgrade it with one of our new ones.

Arrow Traders installed an additional two speed humps, approximately 2.9m apart on a down ramp. As mentioned before, down ramps can allow for cars to easily pick up speed. Therefore, installing speed humps, would prevent collisions and control traffic speeds.

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