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Our Arrow Traders team recently completed a project for our NSW Health client. We received an inquiry by our client to assist in repairing a damaged boom gate, on short notice. Therefore, within twenty four hours, our team was on site and prepared to complete the task as efficiently as possible.

Repaired and Working Boom Gate

Repairing The Damaged Boom Gate

We had to first remove the damaged boom gate to allow our team of professionals to assess the damage, before conducting repairs. Once our team determined that the boom gate upheld Australian standards, they reinstalled the gate in its previous location. As a result, our client was guaranteed that their drivers and pedestrians’ safety would be maintained. This task was completed within twenty four hours of our client contacting us. We understood the urgency and wanted to ensure that our client could uphold their safety standards. As our main goal is to increase the safety of all businesses, we did not hesitate to ensure we completed this project as soon as possible.

The Boom Gate

The boom gate is effective in enhancing the safety of drivers and customers in high traffic situations such as; hotels, shopping centre car parks, company car parks and blocks of flats. With soft edges and corners, boom gates can be installed in almost any environment. Therefore, they can not only protect the safety of the public, but can also be used to permit access to areas. They can prohibit unauthorised entry to areas and maintain control over carpark and building entrances.

Arrow Traders’ Guarantee

Our main goal at Arrow Traders is to enhance the safety of businesses across Australia. As a result, we acted fast to help our client resolve their damaged boom gate. We hope to be other companies’ first call when they need fast and effective safety services and repairs. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your safety needs.

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