A convex mirror is a type of mirror that is curved. Therefore, it allows the image to look smaller than they actually are. As the object gets closer to the mirror, it becomes larger. This allows you to see a wider view of the space. As a result, convex mirrors are used in the work environment to increase security. We recently installed our convex mirrors in a carpark, for this purpose.

They improve safety in shopping centres, by providing a wider shot of the space. In carparks, a convex mirror allows drivers to see more of their surroundings. Therefore, they reduce the risk of vehicular accidents.

Therefore, our convex mirrors are highly effective in increasing the security and safety in working environments. We stock both indoor and outdoor mirrors, to ensure you keep your internal and external premises safe.

Our team would be happy to advise you through the installation process. We are highly skilled in this area and will be able to tell you the best method and product. Feel free to contact our team now and we will be glad to make a site visit to assess the job.

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