A few weeks ago, Arrow Traders completed a bumper rail and fencing installation project at Westfield Hurstville. Our team had installed fencing at their dock areas. Additionally, we installed a floor bumper rail, within the shopping centre.

EHI Scanning

Prior to carrying out the trades projects, our team conducted an EHI scan. They scanned the concrete for any fixings and post tension cables. Our team also had to identify any potential electrical hazards because drilling would have to be carried out. The Arrow Traders team marked the location of post tension cables and determined the approximate depth. We also identified live active cables and marked them. Therefore, we were able to work around them and ensure we cleared them without causing damage.

The EHI scan helped our team identify potential hazards. Therefore, with the correct markings, we were able to proceed with our project.

Dock Fencing Installation

First, our team installed fencing at docks 4 and 5. We had to install one complete fencing gate at one dock. Our team also had to install fencing at another dock. It needed one fixed panel and one odd-shaped panel.

The panels were constructed from pre-galvanised welded mesh. This material is beneficial because it has a long life expectancy of 25-50 years. As a result of its durability and longevity, it requires less maintenance. Therefore, this lowers the cost for Westfield Hurstville. Pre-galvanised material is also a tougher coating due to its metallurgic structure. Therefore, we could guarantee that our clients would receive high quality materials.

Floor Bumper

The next part of our team’s project involved installing a floor bumper rail outside of KMART. Our team installed a stainless steel bumper rail to protect the wall from damage. Therefore, the stainless steel material would prevent damage from colliding objects such as trolleys and delivery vehicles.

Arrow Traders’ Service

Our team can carry out various trades and installation of equipment. We can also manufacture, source, and supply such products. Please feel free to contact us if you would like any work done on your premise and we would be happy to provide a quote.

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