The Problem

Our team was recently called in to complete a job at Ashfield Mall. We were required to replace their previous height bar for their car park entrance. Our team of professionals completed this task effectively and efficiently. Therefore, there was not an extensive holdup at Ashfield Mall.

The Height Bar Features

Ashfield Mall’s original height bar was too small lengthwise and needed to be wider. As a result, drivers entering on both sides would be able to visibly see the height allowance. Therefore, we decided to install a height bar that was 5m in length. Our height bar was a powder coated yellow. Therefore it was highly visible by drivers and the surrounding public. Unlike the previous height bar, our height bar had a high visibility reflective red and white stripes. As a result of the high visibility stripes, we ensured drivers would be aware of the height both during the day and at night. It also ensured that the bar was visible from further distances on both sides of the entrance.

The Height Bar Installation

We first removed the previous height bar and then measured the approximate entrance width of the car park. Therefore, based on these dimensions, we installed a height bar that was 5m in length, to cover both sides of the car park entrance. Our team of professionals made a final check to ensure the height bar was properly positioned and installed. Our professionals determined the correct installation height, to ensure that vehicles were not damaged upon entry.



Arrow Traders’ Service

Our team worked fast to ensure the height bar was quickly replaced. As a result, we ensured that incoming vehicles were not damaged, due to a lack of awareness of the appropriate vehicle height. For any other installations that could improve the safety of your premise, such as height bars, please contact us. We guarantee that our team of professionals will be able to effectively and efficiently solve your issue.

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