Our Trades Skills

Arrow Traders has a team of trained professionals who hold a range of trades skills. One of these skills includes line marking. Our team completed a line marking project at Bankstown Shopping Centre, the other night.

How We Did It

Our team had to retouch previous line marking. Therefore, they had a guide as to where the painting would be laid down.

First, they laid down painters tape. As a result, we ensured the paint would be neat and precise. The painters tape provided an outline and a guide for the pedestrian crossing bars. We used rollers to paint white paint onto the crossing. We also had a team who was trained to use the spray gun for a quicker outcome. Once the painting was completed a sufficiently dry, our team removed the painters tape.

We decided to use the rollers to paint the pedestrian bars because as a result, we had control over where the paint would be placed. Our team completed this job during night hours. Therefore, we had enough time to ensure the paint would dry before trading hours. As a result, we could guarantee that our client would not be inconvenienced. Customers were able to use the pedestrian crossing the next day.

Contact Us to Find Out More

Our team has completed several painting jobs for many clients. This includes our line marking jobs for shopping centres and other car park areas. Contact our team now to find out more about our painting services. Between our trained and highly skilled professionals, we guarantee that we will be able to complete the job for you. Contact us for a free quote. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you and provide you with the best options.

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