Height Bar Assembly Kit

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The Ceiling Assembly Kit allows users to install the height bars and attach it to the ceiling. Height bars are perfect for preventing damage from vehicles that are oversized. They clearly identify the height restriction to ensure that large vehicles do not cause damage to overhead assets.

The Ceiling Kit comes with 2 height bar brackets, 2 320mm metal mounting chains and 2 D shackle bolts.

The Wall Mount Assembly Kit allows you to easily attach the height bar to walls. The kit includes 2 wall mounting arms, 4 height bar brackets and 2 320mm metal mounting chains.

*Please note: the mounting fixture attached to ceiling is not included.

  • Ceiling Mount Kit
    • 2 x Height bar brackets
    • 2 x 320mm metal mounting chains
    • 2 x D shackle bolts
  • Wall Mount Kit
    • 2 x Wall mounting arms
    • 4 x Height bar brackets
    • 2 x 320mm metal mounting chains

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