Arrow Traders has worked with Top Ryde management to complete many trade projects. Our team recently completed two projects at the shopping centre. First, we had to repair damaged tiles in the centre. Another project our team completed, was clearing out storage rooms.

Repair Damaged Tiles

Multiple tiles in Top Ryde’s shopping centre had to be replaced, because of damages. Therefore, our team had to supply and install tiles for Top Ryde shopping centre.

The Arrow Traders team sourced and supplied tiles that were the closest match to the other existing tiles. Our team was able to first replace the tiles and then install the new tiles in an efficient manner.

We ensured the area was clean and presentable before completing the task. The project was completed quickly to ensure minimal inconvenience to the surrounding public.

Clearing Out Storage Rooms

The next project our team completed at Top Ryde was clearing out storage rooms. We were responsible for removing all the rubbish in the shop and storeroom. The project took our team two nights to complete.

Our team had to dismantle the wall fittings and dispose of them. They then had to also dismantle the shelving and dispose of it. Once everything was dismantled and disposed, Arrow Traders was then able to remove all the rubbish and items from the storeroom behind the Asari tenancy. Our team also cleared out and removed all the rubbish from Loading Dock 1.

To dispose of the rubbish, Arrow Traders sourced 7 skip bins. These were equivalent to 68 cubic metres. Therefore, we were able to completely clear the premises of any rubbish.

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