Our professional team recently completed a retaining wall repairs project at Stanhope Gardens. They finished the task efficiently and repaired any damage. A retaining wall at Stanhope Gardens was sufficiently damaged from recent flooding. The wall was supposed to hold soil in place and prevent it from moving downhill. However, after heavy rain, the soil became heavy with the moisture and caused damage to the retaining wall’s bricks.


As a result of heavy and damaging rain, a retaining wall at Stanhope Gardens needed replacing. Before our team could erect a new retaining wall, they first cleaned the site. As a result, the area was thoroughly prepped for our professionals to begin the project.

The Work Done

Once our team had cleaned the site, they first worked on re-establishing the wall base. When the wall base was completed, they began to rebuild the wall.

Our team of professionals also installed an Agricultural line and drainage. This line was installed behind the new retaining wall. Agricultural lines help drain water and moisture around areas where moisture can be an issue. As a result of installing the ag line, our team was able to ensure that the retaining wall would not be subject to damage from retained moisture. Therefore, we hoped to ensure that a repeat of the damage from the previous flooding would not occur.


As a result, the Arrow Traders team was able to build a strong retaining wall. We established a strong foundation with the base and installed an ag line to ensure effective moisture drainage. Therefore, we have implemented measures to ensure the retaining wall repairs will be able to withstand future heavy rainfalls.

Please contact the Arrow Traders team if you need similar assistance. Our team of highly skilled professionals will be able to find a solution for your trades project in a fast and effective manner.

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