Arrow Traders recently visited Burwood to install a slope top bollard and ramp in their carpark. Our team installed metal bollards and a ramp on various locations as well as repaired concrete.

Concrete Repair

Our team had to first repair a damaged area of the concrete floor. Luckily, our Arrow Traders team were highly trained and skilled to complete this task.

The damaged concrete had a reasonably sized chunk taken out of it. Therefore, we had to first pour cement into the damaged hole. Our team then cured the concrete and cleaned the surface.

Damaged ConcreteRepaired Concrete

Metal Bollard Installation

Once the concrete was repaired, our team moved onto the next stage. They had to first install a slope top metal bollard at the Victoria St Boom Gate Entrance.

Before installation, an EHI scan was carried out. The EHI scan ensured our team could identify any post tension cables and potential electrical hazards.

Once it was determined that there would be no hazards, our team could move ahead with the installation of the bollard.

They positioned the bollard in the appropriate place and then secured it with DynaBolts.

They also installed a slope top metal bollard in front of a childcare centre, next to the shopping centre. The EHI scan determined the location of post tension cables and live active cables. Our team determined the approximate depth of these hazards. As a result, they were able to work around these marked hazards.

We ensured the bollard was in the correct place, near the entrance. Therefore, we were able to then secure the bollard in place with DynaBolts.

Ramp Installation

Finally, our team installed a short ramp leading from the childcare centre to the carpark curb.

This made it easier for the movement of things such as trolleys and strollers. It also allowed for easier access for those who are disabled.

Our Service

Arrow Traders stocks a range of metal bollards that can be purchased. If you would like to shop these items and have them installed, please feel free to contact us. Additionally, our team of highly trained professionals can carry out various trades activities including repairs. If you would like similar work done or to purchase safety equipment please enquire now.

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