We recently installed Speed Humps in all of the carparks at Castle Towers. The speed hump is a safety measure installed on roads to slow down traffic and prevent cars from speeding. Therefore, minimising the risk of an accident. Our speed hump is important for a carpark as it is makes sure cars move at low speeds. As a result, minimising their risk to surrounding traffic environment.

Our team was able to meet all safety precautions. Therefore, they put up temporary barricades and signage. As a result, we could safely work around traffic and customers. Arrow Traders work effectively and efficiently to maximise our productivity. Therefore, we started early in the morning and finished before the shopping centre opened.

We installed our plastic speed hump as the surface was concrete and asphalt. Our plastic speed humps are available in a black and yellow colour. Therefore, we are able to supply high quality speed humps and a professional installation service.

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