Arrow Work and Safety Gear stocks a range of safety signs for all your needs, including the speed limit sign. Our main goal is to help our clients and the public stay safe. Therefore, we can also have signs customised for your needs. We recently installed signage at Westfield Mt Druitt. Keep reading to find out more about this project and signage safety standards.

The Project

Our team was called out to Westfield Mt Druitt to install speed signs in their car park. We had to install one sign on a large metal post.

The sign clearly displayed the speed limit in the car park as 10 km.

Before installing the sign, we conducted a hand scan. As a result, we were able to ensure there would be no wiring or other obstructions. We measured and aligned the sign to ensure it was straight and easily visible by drivers. Therefore, we had to ensure the sign would not be too high or too low for drivers.

When we determined the correct placement for the sign, we secured it to the metal structure.

The Sign Regulations

In accordance to Australian Standards, all speed limit signs must have a white background. They also must have the speed limit shown inside a red circle. As a result, our team ensured that these regulations were followed.

The sign was big enough and in an appropriate position. Therefore, we ensured that drivers could easily view the sign.

The speed sign installed, like all our other speed signs, had the speed number limit written inside a red circle. As a result, complying with the sign regulations.

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